Litigation settlement

Amicable or judicial appraisals, national and international arbitrations.

Economic and commercial surveys

Timber trade markets (logs, timber, processed products), management audits, timber grading, contracts, feasibility and commercial audits.

Technical survey

Projects, terms of reference, implementation, specifications, organisation and assessments.

Audits and consulting

In technical and financial fields, project monitoring, organisation.

Training Certification

Certification assistance (PEFC, FSC, …)

Carbone assessments - Energy assessments - Bioenergy program assessments

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Why engage a consulting expert ?

A Expert, beyond settling litigation, gives authoritative opinions which form the basis of many kinds of decisions : relating to patrimonial, commercial, legal or technical matters.

His or her opinions help and allow tribunals, insurance compagnies, private individuals, and wood professionals to make well founded decisions. For them he is a valuable and, sometimes, indispensable support.

Acknowledged by all within the wood trades, he has long and practical experience, undisputed competence and recognised rigor.

His role :

Acquainted with standards and codes of practice, he is a practical individual in permanent contact with :
– Technical and economical reality,
– Professional and administrative bodies.

A reliable confidant
– Independent and impartial,
– Bound to professional secrecy, pledging his reputation and his responsibility.

A person who provides conciliation and balance
– His clear judgement and his impartiality are appreciated in solving problems.


La Convention de le Société de Experts Bois 2018 s'est tenue le 15 et 16 juin dernier à la Haute Ecole Spécialisée Bernoise à Bienne en Suisse sur le Thème de la Construction Bois.

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